F1-tenth Car Race

General information

F1TENTH Autonomous Racing is a semi-regular competition organized by an international community of researchers, engineers, and autonomous systems enthusiasts. The teams participating in F1TENTH Grand Prix (GP) at ESWEEK 2022 will build a 1:10 scaled autonomous race car according to a given specification and write software for it to fulfill the objectives for the competition: Don’t crash and minimize the lap time.

ESWEEK 2022 will host two variants of the competition:

  1. In-person competition: This option targets participants who will travel to Shanghai. Each team will bring their own physical F1TENTH car with their software. The organizers will provide the race setup (rules, submissions, guidelines), the track, and related infrastructure and they organize the race itself.
  2. Virtual competition: This option will be for people who could not travel to Shanghai (perhaps due to pandemic-related reasons). A simulation environment is used to run virtual race cars in the virtual competition. The teams will provide here only the software, and the organizers provide the race setup (rules, submissions, guidelines), the virtual track, and related virtual infrastructure (server) and they will organize the race itself.


June 6th Registration opens
July 7th –
9 pm UTC+8
Orientation 1
Online, demonstrate expectations, provision of the simulation environment, prospective participants can ask questions
Meeting Slides
Aug 25th –
9 pm UTC+8
Registration closes
Orientation 2
Online, Introduction of all teams, Race overview, Track release for virtual competition, Track overview for in-person competition
Meeting Slides
Sep 1st Qualifying submission opens (12:00 UTC+8)
Sep 8th Qualifying submission closes (12:00 UTC+8)
Sep 15th Video Submission: Demonstrate Driving Virtual GP submission opens (12:00 UTC+8)
Sep 22nd Virtual GP submission closes (12:00 UTC+8)
TBD Team Training on their own
(No supervision)
TBD Training and Qualifying
TBD Race day (10:00 UTC+8)
Award Ceremony
Race day (16:30 UTC+8)
Award Ceremony


This competition is open to everyone of all levels, everyone is welcome to participate. A team can consist of multiple teammates. Teams with only one person are also allowed. Teams that take part in the in-person competition must provide and build an F1TENTH car by themselves. If you are interested in participating in the race, please submit this google form. The competition may be adjusted according to the pre-registration information and the local covid-19 regulation.


We are planning to hold the online orientations for F1TENTH competition. Please feel free to participate.

  • 2022 ESWeek F1TENTH Competition Orientation 1
    Time: Jul 7, 2022 09:00 PM Beijing, Shanghai
    Zoom link
    Meeting ID: 989 2308 4720
    Passcode: BkHkg2
  • 2022 ESWeek F1TENTH Competition Orientation 2
    Time: Aug 25, 2022 09:00 PM Beijing, Shanghai
    Zoom link
    Meeting ID: 916 6233 1926
    Passcode: KNp9Qn

Getting Started


We designed and maintain the F1TENTH Autonomous Vehicle System, a powerful and versatile open-source platform for autonomous systems research and education on a 1:10 scale. This vehicle defines the baseline for the in-person competition and provides both sensors as well as enough computation power to run autonomous driving algorithms. If you want to take part in the in-person competition you have to bring your own F1TENTH racecar. A detailed description of how to build the vehicle including videos and a step by step instructions can be found here: F1TENTH Build Instructions


Autonomous Driving needs heavy development in simulation to provide a good evaluation of the developed algorithms before we bring them into the car. We provide different simulation environments that can help you in your development. For the virtual competition, we will use the F1TENTH Gym which provides an asynchronous, 2D simulator built-in Python. This simulation runs faster than real-time execution (30x real-time), provides a realistic vehicle simulation and collision, runs multiple vehicle instances, and publishes laser scan and odometry data. When it comes to a more close vehicle development we provide the F1TENTH ROS Simulator which is providing the ROS messages from the F1TENTH car in and simulation environment.

Autonomous Racing

If you are new to the field of autonomous racing then we can provide some useful learning resources for you. The complete material from our F1TENTH Penn course can be found online at F1TENTH Learn. This course provides lectures about autonomous driving foundations, includes tutorials about the F1TENTH car, and provides you with some insights into autonomous racing techniques, e.g., raceline finding. In addition, all lectures were recorded and can be found at the F1TENTH Autonomous Racing Course on Youtube (or Bilibili for PRC users who cannot access youtube, please checkout TIANBOT Channel).


Tian Bo
F1TENTH Organizer
Tianbot Robotics

Xinyu Zhang
F1TENTH Organizer
East China Normal University

Rahul Mangharam
F1TENTH Organizer
University of Pennsylvania’s